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Inuyasha: Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near.

Sesshoumaru: Now, was that aimed at me?

Shippo: No, not the ears, they're my best feature.

Kagome: Mayu, I don't think you were ever an evil spirit. You were just an ordinary little girl who loved her mom more than anything.

Yura: Stop that! I'll kill you.

Kagome: Inuyasha, may I ask you a single question? Inuyasha, will you let me stay?

Miroku: So she has left us once again. Inuyasha, Kagome was not acting her usual self. Exactly what happened between you and Kikyo?
Inuyasha: Same thing that goes on when you're with a woman.
Miroku: Ah! Ghastly! You mean you did that right in front of Kagome?
Inuyasha: Maybe we need to have a talk about what it is you do with women.

Kagome: I can't compete with Kikyo, because, after all, I'm still alive.

Inuyasha: Don't you faint on me, you stupid girl.

InuYasha: Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near.

Kagome: Thank you Inuyasha.
Inuyasha: Huh?
Kagome: Never mind.
Inuyasha: Women.

Shippo: Are you in pain, Miroku?
Miroku: Pain is nothing. It is death that concerns me.

Naraku: I will not kill you - I will break you.

Kagome: Oh, wow! He proposed to her.
Inuyasha: He poses a what?

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