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Continuity mistake: During episode 6-3, it is established that all inmates at the Ohio prison facility are required to have their hair cut in order to prevent the spreading of lice. Later on in the series, it is revealed that almost all of the inmates that were not moved to Litchfield Max after the riot were sent to Ohio. Despite that, several of the inmates formerly from Litchfield were shown still having long hair in scenes that took place in the Ohio facility, and Maritza's hair was long when she first appeared at the nightclub while she was on parole. While it is possible that the policy may have been rescinded between the events of seasons six and seven (which would explain why Alex's hair was still long when Piper visited her), that does not explain the other characters that were immediately transferred to Ohio still having their hair long during subsequent appearances.


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Plot hole: "Red" is somehow serving a life term or what for the execution murders of some Russian spies, her husband and his cronies had headed up. But her hubby somehow escaped any such sentencing.

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Trivia: In the flashback scene when Gloria is being arrested outside her store, there is a cardboard cut out of Andrew McCarthy, who is an actor from the 80's (Mannequin, Weekend at Bernie's, etc) and also directs a few episodes. (00:32:40)


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Tall Men with Feelings - S1-E11

Question: Who is the guard inside the guard station in the background - right as Pornstache is leaving Tricia's bunk (the drug addict that ODs) when Red says they will clean up her things? That guard looks like Blanca Flores. We never see any guard that looks like the woman in that guard station. Just wondering. (00:02:17)

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