Bates Motel

The Convergence of the Twain - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: Norma's headstone gives a year of death as 2015. It also gives Norman's birth year as 1995, making him 20 when she died, but it is repeatedly stated that Norman is 18 when he enters Pine view, and Norma died 2 weeks later.

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Suggested correction: Norma doesn't die 2 weeks after they move to Pineview, she dies roughly 2 years later. Dylan & Emma have a baby, then in later scenes a 2/3 year old child.

Pineview Institute is the mental hospital Norman enters (during season 4) and they say he's 18 and has to sign the consent forms. Then at the end of season 4, Norman kills his mother (Norma), which is about 2 weeks later. The city the Bates moved to is White Pine Bay. In season 5 (which is set 2 years after season 4 ends) every time we see Norma, it's Norman hallucinating as she's already dead.


She didn't die two weeks after she moved to white pine bay, she died two weeks after she got married to Alex.

The Cord - S5-E10

Continuity mistake: When Norman is in Madeleine's shop, he picks up a chocolate chip cookie. We see him bite it, and we get a good look at the cookie. Then he sees Madeleine and begins talking to her. That is not the same cookie he had, because all of a sudden it has a huge chocolate chip near the top now...when it didn't before.

The Immutable Truth - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: In the woods after Norma takes the gun away, as she's talking to Norman; her hand changes between shots from resting around his neck to around his ear, with her thumb placed in from of Norman's ear. It changes about 6 times.


The Deal - S3-E5

Continuity mistake: When Norma is eating at the diner with the college professor, she is eating a burger halfway through. Shortly afterwards the burger is completely new, intact. (00:19:53)

Forever - S4-E9

Continuity mistake: When Dylan confronts Norma with the earring of Emma's mother, he is holding it aloft in his right hand. Shots from Dylan's right rear and his hand is at waist level, the next shot from the front and it is held aloft again.


Unfaithful - S4-E8

Continuity mistake: From her left side, Norma is fiddling with her wedding ring while lying in bed with Norman, but her hands are separate in the view from her right side, then playing with her ring as the shot switches back to her left side.


The Vault - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: During Norman's hypnotherapy, he remembers approaching his Dad as he is passed out on the table, and his Dad's right arm is at his side. As Norman comes abreast of his Dad, his Dad's right arm is now on the table.


The Vault - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: When Alex meets Rebecca in the restaurant and slides her the key, her hands are down. The immediate shot after and her right hand is holding a cup of coffee.


The Convergence of the Twain - S5-E2

Continuity mistake: After Norman dismisses Norma's suspicion about him going to "another business meeting" as childish, he heads for the door - the sunlight from outside is flagrant as he opens it. In the next scene, Norman is seen entering his car, in the same outfit, and it is night time. (00:28:15)

The Vault - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: Once Chick leaves after unveiling the stained glass window, the protective packing keeps moving position between shots while Norma is speaking with Alex.


Visiting Hours - S5-E9

Factual error: In Oregon and New Jersey, state law requires that a gas station attendant pump the gas. Romero pulls into an Oregon gas station and encounters a nosey person. They are both pumping their own gas.

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