Rosemary & Thyme

And No Birds Sing - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: The first time we see the land rover, Rosemary's hair is flat, with the window closed; then, suddenly, her hair is being blown around, as if the window is open to accommodate a camera.


The Tree of Death - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: There are two things going on at once - Mr Danvers and the girls are at the Danvers house while the archery lesson is going on - but suddenly they merge, with Mr Danvers and the girls at the archery lesson, which, time wise, isn't possible.


Orpheus in the Undergrowth - S2-E2

Plot hole: When Jeremy stopped to drink his water, which turned out to be vodka and which killed him via a heart attack, why did he hide himself away, surrounded by plants and only found by his mobile ringing? And why would he put the lid back on the bottle in the throes of a heart attack?


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Trivia: Except for the first episode, "And No Birds Sing", where Laura drinks a glass of wine in 2 gulps, she never takes a sip of her drinks - wine, apple juice, nothing - except for tea. She pretends to drink, but doesn't succeed.


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Three Legs Good - S3-E5

Question: When you are wallpapering, what is it that you brush on the paper after it is on the wall? Helena brushes something that looks like glue on the new wallpaper.


Chosen answer: As far as hanging new wallpaper, there is no need to brush on any additional product once it has been pasted to the wall. It appears Helena may be doing an extra decorative step by applying a liquid glaze over the wallpaper to give it a more distinctive look, perhaps creating a sheen effect on the surface. Glaze can also be tinted to give a muted colored tone. It could also be a protective sealant. However, to remove old wallpaper, a product is brushed on that dissolves the old paste so the paper can be easily scraped off.

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