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Dodger - S1-E15

Felicity Smoak: Have you thought about what to do when the Dodger comes and gets off with your family jewels? Sorry, that came out wrong.

The Hood: You have failed this city!

Lone Gunmen - S1-E3

Max Fuller: Back off Merlyn, this isn't your fight.
Tommy Merlyn: You wanto to get to him, you've got to go through me. [Looks at Fuller's gorillas.] Wow, they are probably going to go through me.

Honor Thy Father - S1-E2

Oliver Queen: It's fine, Walter, I've been in a courtroom before.
Tommy Merlyn: 4 times, by my estimate. There's the DUI, the assault on that paparazzi douchebag, stealing a taxi, which was just awesome by the way, and who could forget, peeing on the cop.
Moira Queen: I wish everyone would.

Darkness on the Edge of Town - S1-E22

Quinten Lance: Arrows are black, not green. Copycat archer again. Psychopaths are colorcoding themselves now, that's helpful.

Darkness on the Edge of Town - S1-E22

Laurel Lance: I know. I know. Say it, you think I'm crazy. I mean, Oliver, he cheated on me, he broke my heart, he led Sara to her death and you would probably rather drink acid then see me with him again.

Home Invasion - S1-E20

[In the morgue, upon pulling a body from the freezer.]
Roy Harper: Who was he?
Quinten Lance: Well you see, that's the thing. When you're alive, you get a name. When you wind up down here you get a number. Meet 26. Your pal The Hood already sent 26 stiffs down here since he started his little one man war.
Roy Harper: Maybe this guy deserved it.
Quinten Lance: Maybe he did. But that's not how justice works. You see, the vigilante, he doesn't have to awnser to anyone but himself. And that's a very dangerous power to give to any one man.

Damaged - S1-E5

Laurel Lance: This is Oliver Queen we're talking about! He wrecks fancy cars and he dates models, he doesn't kill people!

Pilot - S1-E1

Tommy Merlyn: What did you miss the most? Chicks on the street, chicks at the station, meaningless sex?
Oliver Queen: Laurel.
Tommy Merlyn: Everyone is happy you're alive. You want to see the one person who isn't?

Lone Gunmen - S1-E3

Oliver Queen: What do you think? Great spot for a nightclub or what?
Tommy Merlyn: Sweet. Though, I got to tell you man, if you're thinking about calling it Queen's, I don't think you are going to get the clientele that you are hoping for.

The Magician - S3-E4

Revealing mistake: When Oliver meets Thea at the Grind and Jot Cafe (Which looks unsurprisingly like CC Jitters) you can see the cups on the table are from CC Jitters. (00:20:50)

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Pilot - S1-E1

Question: What is the song the kicks in when Tommy says, "Have you noticed how hot your sister has gotten?", and then plays on when Tommy and Oliver are driving around in the SLR?


Chosen answer: "C'mon Doll" by My Goodness.


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