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Darkness on the Edge of Town - S1-E22

Quinten Lance: Arrows are black, not green. Copycat archer again. Psychopaths are colorcoding themselves now, that's helpful.

Darkness on the Edge of Town - S1-E22

Laurel Lance: I know. I know. Say it, you think I'm crazy. I mean, Oliver, he cheated on me, he broke my heart, he led Sara to her death and you would probably rather drink acid then see me with him again.

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Question: Is this show going to be a part of the Justice League universe DC is creating with the Man of Steel? I'm just wondering, because A) The Green Arrow has been a member of the Justice League in the past and B) they haven't done anything yet in the show to deny or confirm that it's going to be part of that.


Chosen answer: There is no evidence at this point to suggest that this is the case. Most indications at this point suggest that Green Arrow is not under consideration as a likely character for any proposed Justice League movie.

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