Cougar Town

Cougar Town (2009)

2 mistakes in season 1

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You Wreck Me - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the golf course Bobby tees off as a left handed golfer, in the next scene he is now right handed. The golf glove has moved from his right and to his left and he also takes his shots as a right handed golfer.


Turn This Car Around - S1-E18

Continuity mistake: Since the beginning Jules had a cherry red Lexus car. The car she drove into the pool was a random blue one never seen in previous episodes and immediately afterwards her red car reappeared when driving with Ellie.

Bobby Cobb: I'm bad at sex. There's a lot of thrashing and thumping, but nothing really gets done. I'm like a broken dishwasher.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Breakdown - S1-E23

Trivia: While Jules and Travis discuss his graduation and Jules' popularity in school, Travis looks through his mom's yearbook and comments that there's a picture of Jules "dancing onstage with Bruce Springsteen." Courteney Cox, who plays Jules, appears in Bruce Springsteen's 'Dancing in the Dark' music video from 1984, as the girl in the audience who's pulled onstage by Springsteen to dance with him, towards the end of the video. This was Courtney's first acting job.

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