Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Special Funnel - S4-E11

Visible crew/equipment: As Peter Sam passes Skarloey and Rheneas, a camera shadow is seen.

Toad Stands By - S4-E20

Revealing mistake: In a shot of 2 vans singing "Pop Goes Old Ollie" you can see a spider crawling on the right side of the left van in the screen.

Season 4 generally

Audio problem: Gordon had Duck's whistle sound and James had a different whistle sound in almost every Season 4 episode they appeared in.


Trucks - S4-E8

Audio problem: In the US version (Rusty Helps Peter Sam), Peter Sam has a different whistle sound after the trucks hit him. And throughout the episode, a lot of music and sound effects are missing.


Rock 'n' Roll - S4-E10

Revealing mistake: When the passengers lift Duncan back onto the rails, his trailing wheels are still derailed.


Steam Roller - S4-E12

Audio problem: At the beginning when Thomas passes Sir Handel, Thomas blows his whistle, but it sounds like James'.


Fish - S4-E24

Audio problem: Throughout the episode, Thomas has Edward's whistle sound.


Thomas and Stepney - S4-E16

Audio problem: Stepney's whistle sound changes throughout the entire episode. And in the UK and other versions (excluding US), Gordon, Duck, and Douglas have the same whistle sound.


Bowled Out - S4-E18

Audio problem: When James leaves Crovan's Gate, he has Smudger's whistle sound.


Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady - S4-E7

Other mistake: In two shots shown at the beginning, Henry is wearing Gordon's upset face mask.

Paul T Backes

A Bad Day for Sir Handel - S4-E6

Revealing mistake: When Sir Handel derails, you can see a small rod sticking up out of the ground from the tracks.

Sleeping Beauty - S4-E4

Duke: Excuse me. Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals smash and break things.

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Something in the Air - S5-E15

Trivia: Some boats that rescue Henry resemble some characters from TUGS.

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