Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Buzz Buzz - S3-E17

Revealing mistake: While the passengers are evacuating the station, the platform moves, a pillar in the background moves, and putty can be seen on the platform (stains of it) and on some passengers' feet.

Mucking About - S20-E14

Revealing mistake: Max's wheels can be seen moving backwards when he is actually driving forwards. Also, both Max and Monty's steering and wheel speeds are out of sync with their movements. These events happen throughout the episode.


Snow - S5-E25

Revealing mistake: A wire can be seen between Rusty and his coach after the workmen have removed the ice from Skarloey.

Pop Goes the Diesel - S2-E12

Revealing mistake: When Duck goes off to fetch Gordon's coaches following his chat with Diesel, the device beneath the tracks used to produce steam continues to smoke long after Duck has left.

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Answer: Breakdown trains help the engines back on track.

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