Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Pop Goes the Diesel - S2-E12

Plot hole: When Duck and Diesel leave the shed, Diesel follows Duck instantly, but the tracks they are on both lead to the turntable. As they are on different tracks to each other, it would be impossible for Diesel to follow Duck that quickly as the turntable could only be set to one track at a time.

Respect for Gordon - S9-E6

Plot hole: When Gordon crashes into the goods train, it is not being pulled by an engine. So why is it just sitting on the mainline and not on a siding?


Middle Engine - S6-E14

Plot hole: Percy was blamed for being on the coal tipper when it was Arry, Bert, and Henry's fault. None of the three got consequences. Also, why would the workmen tether Percy or even activate the coal tipper when they knew he was an engine?


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Answer: He was in the water.

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