Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 3
25 Percy, James and the Fruitful Day 0
26 Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure 0
Season 4
Season 4 generally 1
1 Granpuff 0
2 Bulldog 0
3 You Can't Win 0
4 Sleeping Beauty 0
5 Four Little Engines 0
6 A Bad Day for Sir Handel 1
7 Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady 1
8 Trucks 1
9 Home at Last 0
10 Rock 'n' Roll 1
11 Special Funnel 1
12 Steam Roller 2
13 Passengers and Polish 0
14 Gallant Old Engine 0
15 Rusty to the Rescue 1
16 Thomas and Stepney 1
17 Train Stops Play 1

Pop Goes the Diesel - S2-E12

Plot hole: When Duck and Diesel leave the shed, Diesel follows Duck instantly, but the tracks they are on both lead to the turntable. As they are on different tracks to each other, it would be impossible for Diesel to follow Duck that quickly as the turntable could only be set to one track at a time.

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Answer: Butch the breakdown truck must have pulled Gordon's tender all the way up the rails so the breakdown train can reach it and also Butch helped to get Gordon close to the winch.

Answer: Ropes and a winch.

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