Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 20
4 Diesel and the Ducklings 1
5 Bradford the Brake Van 1
6 The Railcar and the Coaches 0
7 Over the Hill 0
8 Love Me Tender 0
9 Letters to Santa 0
10 Mike's Whistle 1
11 All in Vain 1
12 The Christmas Coffeepot 2
13 Saving Time 1
14 Mucking About 4
15 Cautious Connor 2
16 Ryan and Daisy 0
17 Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks 0
18 Pouty James 0
19 Blown Away 0
20 The Way She Does It 1
21 Engine of the Future 0
22 Henry in the Dark 0
23 The Missing Breakdown Train 0
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Answer: Butch the breakdown truck must have pulled Gordon's tender all the way up the rails so the breakdown train can reach it and also Butch helped to get Gordon close to the winch.

Answer: Ropes and a winch.

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