Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends

Percy Runs Away - S1-E17

Character mistake: In the shot of Gordon pulling Percy, he is congratulating Percy, but Percy didn't stop the accident, Gordon himself did. Percy didn't try to get out of the way, Gordon had to put his brakes on as hard as he can. So why is Gordon congratulating Percy?

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Suggested correction: Bill and Ben were not owned by the Fat Controller.

Bust My Buffers! - S16-E9

Character mistake: Throughout the episode, a "Bufferbeam" is referred to as "a buffer." Also, at the beginning, the narrator says that the diesels are shunting coal trucks when they are really shunting flatbeds.


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Sleeping Beauty - S4-E4

Duke: Excuse me. Are you a vandal? Driver told me vandals smash and break things.

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Answer: He was in the water.

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