Benidorm (2007)

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Episode #5.1 - S5-E1

Character mistake: Sam returns in this episode with Trudy. They are talking about her holiday the year before and Sam states she didn't cop off with anyone the year before because her leg was in plaster. However, in series 4 she has a sexual encounter with a man in the shower block by the pool - who she mistakes for Mateo. (00:17:15)

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Suggested correction: Sam makes it clear she's very embarrassed by that sexual encounter. It would be safe to assume she'd lie and say she didn't cop off.

Season 6 generally

Continuity mistake: In series one Jacqueline and Donald says that big Donna has been banned from the all you can eat places but she comes to Benidorm and they let her get on with it. Then in series 6 big Donna dies and Jacqueline and Donald says she's never been to Benidorm before.

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