Coyote Lovely - S4-E8

Continuity mistake: In episode 6 - Once Bitten, Krieger is using the system, but has no training to do so. After Mallory berates him, Krieger states: "Yeah, I don't actually know how any of this works - that was the fat guy you killed". But the "fat guy" who does the satellite monitoring stuff doesn't die until this episode - a shock induced heart-attack after receiving a hard slap from Mallory.

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Suggested correction: The episodes were aired out of order than what they were produced. "Coyote Lovely" was the 2nd episode of season 4 to be produced. So, as it was written, the fat guy dies before the events of "Once Bitten."


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Lana: WHAT?!
Archer: Danger zone.

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Lo Scandalo - S3-E8

Question: How did Krieger manage to dispose of Savio's body and how did he even manage to get the entire bathroom cleaned up with so much blood in the room so quickly? With how much blood there was, it should have taken a long time to clean up.

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