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1 mistake in On the Scent

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On the Scent - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: Sherlock and Marcus visit a suspect's house. There are a bunch of cell phones on a console. One is gold with the name "'Mandy" on it. In a wide angle shot the gold phone is by itself next to some other black phones. Next closeup shot you see the gold phone is on a different position behind some other phones, and a green phone is added to the bunch. (00:18:40)


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The Grand Experiment - S2-E24

Trivia: When Mycroft mentions a conversation between Sherlock and their father that he once overheard, the content of said conversation is how Sherlock describes Mycroft to Watson in "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter."

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It should be noted Donna was Jim Fowkes‘ secretary. Donna killed Peter.


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