Kickin' It

Kickin' It (2011)

Episode list

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Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Wasabi Warriors 1
2 Fat Chance 0
3 Dummy Dancing 1
4 Dojo Day Afternoon 0
5 Swords and Magic 1
6 Road to Wasabi 0
7 All the Wrong Moves 0
8 Ricky Weaver 0
9 Wax on Wax off 0
10 The Commercial 0
11 Kung Fu Cop 0
12 Boo Gi Nights 0
13 Clash of the Titans 0
14 Badge of Honor 0
15 The Great Escape 0
16 Dude Where's My Sword 0
17 Breaking Board 0
18 Reality Fights 0
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Trivia: The only true black belts on the show were Leo Howard, Olivia Holt and Wayne Daglish.

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Wasabi Warriors - S1-E1

Question: We learn in the "Wasabi Warriors" episode that Kim is a proud member of the Black Dragons; does anybody else wonder why she didn't get involved in the cafeteria fight when she saw her teammates getting beaten up?

Answer: If you noticed, Kim was not sitting with the Black Dragons, so it's safe to assume that she didn't approve of their bullying tactics. She also flashed Jack a smile during the fight, so it's pretty obvious she had no interest in getting involved.

Answer: Probably because Kim had a crush on Jack.

Answer: Because she must have not liked to get in fights or she doesn't like the male black dragons.

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