Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue (2010)

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Everlasting - S5-E11

Continuity mistake: Oliver puts his vest on over his white shirt to leave the station to help Andy search for the fugitive. A jacket is never in sight. He is shown throughout all of the following scenes in his vest with white shirt. They apprehend the fugitive and return him to the station but Oliver is now wearing a jacket when he gets out of the police cruiser. When he goes back out on patrol, the jacket is missing.


The Girlfriend Experience - S3-E8

Factual error: The group set up a sting for prostitution/solicitation, even though it isn't illegal in Canada. The unnamed city they patrol is Canadian, established in the "sister cities" they name, plus often referring to Rochester and New York as "across the border. As for prostitution, the only two times its illegal for adults in Canada is public solicitation (street walking) which doesn't apply for websites, or in running bawdy (cat) houses, neither of which apply here.

Staff Sgt. Boyko: Serve, protect and don't screw up.

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