Longmire (2012)

7 mistakes in season 6

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Burned Up My Tears - S6-E5

Continuity mistake: After Lucian jumps off the edge and Walt turns him over, Lucian has dirt on the side of his head by the blood. In some shots the dirt is gone, but then back in later shots.

No Greater Character Endorsement - S6-E6

Continuity mistake: At the tribal council hearing, when they vote to oppose, 7 of the 8 raise their right hand (the man at the end raises his left hand). But in the close up panning shot of the raised hands, the guy sitting next to Jacob Nighthorse has his left hand raised. It's back to his right hand when they lower their hands.


Opiates and Antibiotics - S6-E7

Factual error: When we see Eddie Harp's driver's license, it expires 8 years after it was issued. However, Massachusetts driver's license are only valid for 5 years and expire on the person's birthday, not the issue date.


Unfinished Business - S1-E10

Omar: That's the great thing about the compound bow, a great equalizer. A little bit of practice, even a girl can make that shot.


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Trivia: The show is set in the fictional county of Absaroka. In 1939 many Plains Indians and ranchers from parts of Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming tried to succeed and create a new state called Absaroka.


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Party's Over - S2-E5

Question: Does the pharmacist that Longmire talks to violate any sort of confidentiality laws? Walt doesn't come in with a warrant, but the pharmacist is giving Walt information pertaining to other people still alive, not just the victim. I could see the law allowing him to tell Walt "no" that someone didn't pick up any prescriptions, but to mention she picked up antibiotics or that Gerry had back surgery seems unethical.


Answer: This appears to be movie fiction. In real life, a pharmacist could not legally give out confidential patient information without there being a search warrant. Not abiding by confidentiality laws could result in a pharmacist facing legal issues and losing his or her license.

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