Homeland (2011)

6 mistakes in season 5

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Separation Anxiety - S5-E1

Factual error: Almost anytime where an ipv4 address is shown it contains one or more digit exceeding 255, impossible given the limits of the technology. eg:, 23.274 .44.67, and even 316.105.147.373. (00:04:55)

Super Powers - S5-E3

Factual error: Carrie loads a rifle with at least a 7mm Remington, possibly a .30-06 Springfield bullet. She shoots Quinn in the back one time, and he falls, only to disappear and reappear where he chokes Carrie from behind. He later removes his jacket to reveal he's wearing a soft armour bullet proof vest. The armour he wore was maximum level 3A vest which will only stop handgun threats. He would require a plate carrier with SAPI/ESAPI ceramic plates to stop such a threat. (00:55:37 - 00:57:10)

Season 5 generally

Factual error: Throughout the season, it is the BND who run security investigations within Germany. The BND is the German external intelligence service. The internal security service, who would actually be running these investigations, is the BfV. Neither service has a power of arrest, which BND agents exercise on at least two occasions during the season. If they need to arrest somebody then they must call in the Bundespolizei (as they do correctly at other times).


Chosen answer: Everyone else calls him Brody or Sgt. Brody, and it probably became habit to her.


Can't get the source but I read that even the Producer responded to that. Stating that it was common practise for a military wife living in a military complex as everybody refers to their husband by their last name.

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