Jessie (2011)

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A Doll's Outhouse - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: When Emma and Zuri are watching the horror doll movie, Jessie comes in for a little bit and you can see that the popcorn bucket is completely full, but after Jessie leaves and they see the part with the eye, Zuri puts an empty popcorn bucket on her head. Wasn't there popcorn in it a few seconds ago?


Show generally

Other mistake: In the end of the title sequence, Jessie walks outside. Before exiting, you can see that she is just a little bit taller than the doorway, but her head passes through the frame as she walks forwards.


Jessie mistake picture

Used Karma - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: At the end of the show as Bertram scares the kids, he sits down to watch his movie. In the first shot you can see that Mr Kipling is not present, but in the next shot he is.

Rossed at Sea, Part 2 - S4-E12

Continuity mistake: In episode 4-11 Jessie and the kids go on vacation with their private yacht and Bertham stays at home with Mrs. Kipling. At the beginning of episode 4-12 Bertham is present and serving drinks on the yacht.

G.I. Jessie - S2-E26

Character mistake: In the beginning of the pilot episode, Jessie told the cab driver that her father is in the Marine Corps. However, it is shown in this episode that her father is actually a lieutenant colonel in the Army. It's highly unlikely that Jessie wouldn't know what branch of the military her father was in considering how much she spoke about her military upbringing throughout the series.


A Doll's Outhouse - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: Ravi's wears his hat in the bit where Tanya screams out to Luke on how to defeat Ravi. We see Luke throw sausages to slip Ravi up, and you'll notice his hat has changed sizes and looks a lot different on his head, as if it just shrunk. And then, when he clatters to the floor and Luke approaches him to cover him in ketchup and mustard, the hat is completely back to normal, fitting on his head again. (00:17:56)

G.I. Jessie - S2-E26

Factual error: Most of the female soldiers are shown wearing earrings while wearing their tactical uniforms, but female soldiers in the U.S. Army were only authorized to wear earrings while wearing their dress uniforms at the time this episode took place.


The Talented Mr. Kipling - S1-E2

Other mistake: Probably throughout the show - but definitely in Season 1 EP 2 - the picture of Central Park West (?) as it sits shows the middle left turn lane arrow pointing the wrong direction. The arrow shows a turn that would cut across two lanes of traffic that you were traveling with to make the turn. It shows the turn arrow pointing across the oncoming traffic.

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