Hustle (2004)

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Missions - S2-E4

Plot hole: At the end of the episode Stacie says that she has cashed the bank draft used to purchase the forged comic book artwork. Not a chance. The auctioneers establish that the artwork is a forgery within minutes of the sale going through and they would be onto their bank immediately ensuring a stop order was put on the draft. Bank cheques and drafts can be stopped after issue - it happens all time. In fact, simply by presenting the draft Stacie has opened herself up to a world of legal problems - the bank's computers are going to light up like a Christmas tree and the police will be there within minutes.

Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Albert, what the hell were you doing in a church today?
Albert Stroller: Gil Stewart died this afternoon. I was there at the end.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Oh God, I'm so sorry Albert. You two were like brothers.
Albert Stroller: We worked Vegas together. That man was made for bright lights. Poor bastard - died of a stroke in a dental surgery.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Well, someone should sue them.
Albert Stroller: Aye, he was pretending to be the dentist.

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The Hustlers News of the Day - S3-E5

Trivia: In some versions of this episode the name of the newspaper the grifters con has been rather clumsily dubbed over as "The Weekend World" rather than the original "The Sunday World", which is a real newspaper.

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