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The Hush Heist - S6-E6

Corrected entry: If MI5 and the Serious Crime Squad had information to the effect that a terrorist suspect had stashed valuables in a safe deposit bank in a vault in London it would take them about ten minutes to obtain a confiscation order signed by a Supreme Court judge. The bank wouldn't even know about it until the heavy squad turned up and if they claimed they couldn't open the deposit box in question the locks would simply be drilled out on the spot. No risk and no unexpected surprises from the criminals you have hired to pull off an extremely hazardous operation (as happens here) - the whole thing would be neat, clean, and above all legal.

Correction: This is explicitly dealt with in the episode. The female MI6 agent explains that if the Home Office were to raid the bank it would create a hell of a row with the Syrian government, whereas having a bunch of hapless crooks arrested during a robbery would mean nothing, as HM government would be able to deny any involvement.

The Con Is On - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Ash takes all of the money out of the rigged cash machine, we see a few £50 notes (pink in colour). Cash machines don't pay out £50 notes due to the rate of counterfeit notes produced.


Correction: At the time the series was shot a number of ATMs in London were stocked with £50 notes. They were mainly in popular tourist spots like Westminster, Kensington and Covent Garden. The original posting is incorrect.

New Recruits - S5-E2

Factual error: The contract Stone and his team force Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding to sign guaranteeing Fowler's widow the royalties from his invention for life is signed under duress and is therefore invalid. It is hard to believe that none of Stone's team know this, but it is impossible to believe that Carlton Wood wouldn't.

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Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Albert, what the hell were you doing in a church today?
Albert Stroller: Gil Stewart died this afternoon. I was there at the end.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Oh God, I'm so sorry Albert. You two were like brothers.
Albert Stroller: We worked Vegas together. That man was made for bright lights. Poor bastard - died of a stroke in a dental surgery.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Well, someone should sue them.
Albert Stroller: Aye, he was pretending to be the dentist.

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The Hustlers News of the Day - S3-E5

Trivia: In some versions of this episode the name of the newspaper the grifters con has been rather clumsily dubbed over as "The Weekend World" rather than the original "The Sunday World", which is a real newspaper.

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