Person of Interest

Razgovor - S3-E5

Corrected entry: When Shaw is released from the trunk of the kidnapper's car, she slams him in the face with a tyre iron and then, using her teeth, easily frees herself from the duct tape binding her hands. Why didn't she free herself from the tape while in the trunk?


Correction: We don't know much about the situation. Shaw is unconscious when she'd loaded into the car; she may only have woken up as the car drew to a halt. If so, given the reasonable assumption that the boot would be opened within seconds, her priority would be to arm herself, rather than spending valuable seconds freeing her hands, particularly as having her hands bound would in no way impede her ability to swing the tyre iron.

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The Contingency - S2-E1

Corrected entry: Mr. Reese explains the Aryan Nation men that the dog only responds to commands given in Dutch. Yet he gives the dog commands in German.

Correction: Dutch is very similar to some variations of German (especially West Germany). The words Reese used must be similar in both Dutch and German.


Flesh and Blood - S1-E19

Corrected entry: Reese is wearing his topcoat towards the end while on the phone with Det. Carter, telling her that he will bring her son to safety. Carter takes another call and when she gets back to Reese a minute later, he is standing at the trunk of his car putting his coat on.


Correction: Not a mistake -- he has removed his coat in order to get his weapons from the trunk and puts the coat back on to conceal his weapons.

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Person of Interest mistake picture Video

Lady Killer - S3-E3

Continuity mistake: Root shoots the hitman, walks up to him and slides his gun a couple of feet away. A wide shot shows the gun where it should be. After she says "you're the boss" and starts walking away, we see exactly the same angle, the gun has vanished, and some random black bits have appeared.

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Trivia: In Finch's opening voiceover narration, a clip of the episode's eponymous 'person of interest' appears when Finch says "victim or perpetrator, we'll find you."

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