Here Come the Double Deckers

Here Come the Double Deckers (1970)

55 mistakes in season 1

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Happy Haunting - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When the gang first arrive at the stately home Albert parks his car next to a coach. When the camera angle changes the car has moved back a few yards, and when the gang leave the car has changed position completely.

United We Stand - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: When Beaumont first enters the yard he kicks some junk causing him to fall over and split his trousers, soon after he is on the top deck of the bus and accidentally uses the fireman's pole to get through to the lower deck falling over again but this time his trousers are intact, once outside of the bus his trouser split has reappeared.

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Barney - S1-E13

Continuity mistake: When the gang see the policeman outside their yard they stop walking suddenly causing Doughnut who is at the back to walk into them, pushing the pie he is eating into his face making a mess, In the next shots of the gang Doughnut's face is clean.

eric 64

Robbie the Robot - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: When Robbie is hitting golf balls the balls are lined up in rows of five. When Robbie is down to the last two rows, only twelve balls are lined up, some of which Robbie hits twice, but twenty balls land in the garden, later on when Mr Parsons hands the balls in a bag to the policeman there are more than twenty balls in the bag.

eric 64

Summer Camp - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: When the gang are unloading the cart, Doughnut tips it up, causing everything to fall out of the back. Spring and Scooper are standing next to Billie and Doughnut is facing Billie. When Billie says "look what you done," Doughnut is facing the other way and Spring and Scooper have disappeared.

Summer Camp - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: Brains is first one to get up and leave the boys' tent when it starts raining during the night. The angle changes and Brains is still in the tent, and then leaves a second time with Scooper and Sticks.

Tiger Takes Off - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: Brains is writing out the notes about the emergency meeting for the carrier pigeons. He writes the first note but as he finishes writing it there is other notes already written to the right of his pad. When he gets off the chair these notes have disappeared.

Get a Movie On - S1-E3

Visible crew/equipment: Doughnut is standing on the platform on the bus after the gang refuse to let him in because he is late. When the gang come out to wish him a happy birthday a boom mike shadow is visible on the wall behind him.

Up to Scratch - S1-E16

Continuity mistake: In the final scene when Tiger is doing an act with the dogs, at the start of the scene the two dogs on the right hand end of the bench change position between shots.

Starstruck - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: In both the close up shots of Bob Todd on the cherry picker as the director you can see under his leather coat sleeves his shirt cuffs are red, but in both the shots of him falling off the cherry picker his cuffs are white.

Tiger Takes Off - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When the egg is thrown at the man in the bowler hat with two elderly women standing with him, the angle changes and a woman with a child and a dog walking behind them have appeared who weren't in the previous angle.

United We Stand - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: When Tiger shuts the two workmen out of the yard after tricking them into looking for her cat the yard gate is different from the one used for the rest of this episode.

Robbie the Robot - S1-E9

Continuity mistake: When the producer tells everyone to get in their places, as the show is about to start Brains is standing next to Robbie, the angle changes and Brains is sitting on the bench with the rest of the gang.

The Go-Karters - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: There is a sign on the back of the go-kart that says "Flora" which comes off and gets caught around a goat's horns when Spring drives the kart around the farmyard. When the go-kart is back on the road the Flora sign is back.

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