My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 3
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Mare in the Moon (1) 0
2 The Elements of Harmony (2) 3
3 The Ticket Master 0
4 Applebuck Season 0
5 Griffon the Brush-Off 0
6 Boast Busters 0
7 Dragonshy 0
8 Look Before You Sleep 0
9 Bridle Gossip 0
10 Swarm of the Century 0
11 Winter Wrap Up 1
12 Call of the Cutie 0
13 Fall Weather Friends 0
14 Suited for Success 1
15 Feeling Pinkie Keen 0
16 Sonic Rainboom 2
17 Stare Master 1
18 Show Stoppers 0
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Party of One - S1-E25

Rainbow Dash: Oh you want to do this the hard way? we do this the hard way!

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Bats! - S4-E7

Question: During the song, 2 cute bats are seen with 'Jude'. When the cute bat couple is shown again, Jude is nowhere to be seen. The couple doesn't look at all concerned. When Applejack was singing "These creatures have a one-track mind!", Fluttershy appeared without Jude and couldn't take him or her home and then come back in about 5 seconds. So, where did Jude go?

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