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7 mistakes in Caballo sin Nombre

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Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Walt throws the pizza on the roof, it lands 5 rows up from the edge. When the camera cuts to on the garage roof, it's only 3 rows up. Also the amount of topping changes between the angles. (00:34:30)

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Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: While Walt is out of his car and arguing with the police officer, there are other cars visible in the far distance behind him. The cars appear and disappear in between shots, there isn't time for them to pass and we don't hear them pass. (00:03:30)


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Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Walter takes Junior home from school, at first there are no shadows or sun hitting the ground in front of the garage. In the next shot the sun appears.

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Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after Walter took his son from the school and parks his car in front of their house (before the pizza scene), you can see the camera mounted on a crane while filming the scene reflected on the car's windscreen.

Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: Walt is driving down a deserted road singing "A Horse with No Name." You can see the roadway behind him through the hole in the headrest. At first, the road is empty. But then a white vehicle quickly approaches. The camera angle changes and there are no vehicles behind him, but a police car coming from the opposite direction passes and makes a u-turn. When the camera angle is back inside Walt's car, the white vehicle turns out to be the police car that just made a u-turn. (00:01:00)


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Phoenix - S2-E12

Trivia: The website Walter Jr. creates to raise money for Walter Sr. can be found at The donation link used to send the viewer to a legitimate cancer charity's website, but now just goes to AMC's home page. (00:20:00)

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Show generally

Question: Just how does Walt intend to explain the presence of all that meth money, even posthumously? Just how does he think his heirs will react to that, how is he going to launder it? How does he think his wife and kids will explain it? If they knowingly inherit and use such money, they could face charges of accessory after the fact. Is this ever addressed in the show?


Chosen answer: I'm not sure how far you are into the show but he does eventually come up with a way to launder it (wont spoil it for you but rest assured, when he gets a lawyer the show gets much better!) and in the final season he also comes up with a way to give his children his money without the cops or the DA knowing it came from him.


Answer: Walt decided to buy a car wash to launder his money, which makes a profit without the dirty money. At the end he blackmailed Elliot and Gretchen in to giving his money to junior and Holly. However 90% of his $80m is stolen.

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