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Teen Wolf (2010)

4 mistakes in season 3 - chronological order

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Season 3 generally

Plot hole: It is revealed that Malia has been living as a coyote for eight years but earlier in the season it's shown that all shape shifters lose their powers and becomes human during a lunar eclipse, which happened in the midseason finale. So why didn't Malia turn back?

Season 3 generally

Plot hole: We find out the coyote that has been wandering around the Tate house is actually his long lost daughter, Malia, that turned lost control during a full moon eight years prior and has been living as a coyote ever since. When Scott forces her to turn back into human for she is incapable of shifting back into coyote form. However in the season 3 mid-series finale we find out that all shapeshifters loose all their powers and becomes human during a lunar eclipse. Shouldn't Malia have turned back into human form that night?

Tattoo - S3-E2

Revealing mistake: When Kali disguised as a nurse holds up her fingers to count you can see her real nail under her claw.

More Bad Than Good - S3-E15

Continuity mistake: Scott and Kira are having dinner with her parents. In one shot, Scott picks up sushi with chopsticks. In the next shot, the chopsticks hold nothing. (00:27:30)

Trivia: This is Colton Haynes' third time playing a supernatural creature. He was a Werewolf in "The Gates" and a Jackal in "Nine Lives of Cloe King."


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