Teen Wolf

Ice Pick - S2-E4

Revealing mistake: When Derek is training Isaac how to fight, Isaac is forced to repeat his approach many times, which results in him being smacked down by Derek. During certain shots, as Isaac is about to plummet to the ground, his hoisting wire can be seen. (00:12:35)


Tattoo - S3-E2

Revealing mistake: When Kali disguised as a nurse holds up her fingers to count you can see her real nail under her claw.

Wolf's Bane - S1-E9

Revealing mistake: When Jackson asks to "Inquiry-It!" on Melissa McCall's work computer at the hospital, the search engine is fake due to the search bar, making it clear it's a local file, not online: file://Users/jamesonfilm/Desktop/htm/newsearch.html. (00:09:14)


Party Guessed - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: Scott and Stiles are walking past a hallway and they see three dead policemen. At the beginning, the arms of the second policeman are lying on his legs. After the shot of Scott and Stiles, that policeman's arms are now by his side.


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Trivia: This is Colton Haynes' third time playing a supernatural creature. He was a Werewolf in "The Gates" and a Jackal in "Nine Lives of Cloe King."


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