Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 2
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 1
2 The Bird Scene 0
3 Stage Fighting 2
4 The Birthweek Song 0
5 Jade Dumps Beck 2
6 Tori the Zombie 2
7 Robarazzi 1
8 Survival of the Hottest 1
9 Wi-Fi in the Sky 0
10 Beck's Big Break 1
11 The Great Ping Pong Scam 2
12 Cat's New Boyfriend 0
13 Freak the Freak Out- Part 1 1
14 Freak the Freak Out- Part 2 1
15 Rex Dies 0
16 The Diddly-Bops 1
17 Wok Star 0
18 The Wood 2

Prom Wrecker - S2-E5

Plot hole: In this episode all the students say Hollywood Arts has never had a prom before. But in the first episode, 'Pilot', Rex says to Cat after she runs out to tell Tori, Robbie, Andre and him that Sikowitz wants them to come back into the classroom, "Just like you wanted a date to the prom last year."


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Wi-Fi in the Sky - S1-E9

Trivia: Tori is on her laptop in the plane while sitting next to Trina. When she goes onto her video chat profile, there is a list of usernames of people online. One name is DanWarp, which is the website name of the show's creator, Dan Schneider.


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Answer: Jade breaks up with Beck because he was hanging out with another girl, which she didn't like.


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