Victorious (2010)

2 mistakes in Tori Gets Stuck

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Tori Gets Stuck - S2-E4

Factual error: Tori donates three pints of her blood. There is no way that the hospital would have done this in real life seeing as it takes about eight weeks before a person can actually donate blood again.

Tori Gets Stuck - S2-E4

Plot hole: When Tori is at Nozu, in the tweet she states that she's using their computer, well, why didn't she use the computer or social media to contact someone at the school to come give her and Robbie $22?

Wi-Fi in the Sky - S1-E9

Trivia: Tori is on her laptop in the plane while sitting next to Trina. When she goes onto her video chat profile, there is a list of usernames of people online. One name is DanWarp, which is the website name of the show's creator, Dan Schneider.


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Beck's Big Break - S1-E10

Question: At the end of the episode, the filmer's at the studio give Beck his job back, saying that they hated Melinda Murry. But if so, why didn't they just fire her and keep Beck in the movie earlier? Also, how does Beck get his job back at the time? Shouldn't his cut role have been filled in by then?

Answer: The Director hated working with Melinda, but knew that her superstar popularity and status would get his movie a big buzz and higher ratings. And the movie was discontinued for a re-audition to fill-in Melinda's leading/major role.

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