The Vampire Diaries

Pilot - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: The sign by Mystic Falls cemetery says it was established in 1792, but later episodes state the town was built in the 1860s.

Founder's Day - S1-E22

Other mistake: When Elena is taken, Bonnie asks Jeremy for help. She says she needs his blood to cast a location spell to find Elena. But it doesn't make sense. Earlier it was revealed that Elena is adopted, so she and Jeremy don't share the same bloodline and cast could not work well.

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Suggested correction: Elena was adopted by her uncle. Grayson Gilbert (her adoptive father) is John Gilbert's (her biological father) brother. Jeremy (Grayson's son) is actually her cousin, and related by blood.


Damon Salvatore: I DO believe in killing the messenger. Why? Because it sends a message.

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Show generally

Question: When Elena and Damon were turned into rippers they were confined because they fed on vampires. Why was Lily not a threat, yet she was a ripper and never fed on vampires.

Alana paulatte

Answer: Because Lily's humanity was not turned off as Elena and Stefan's were...therefore she had some control over her actions and had a conscience whereas the other two did not at the time.

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