Animaniacs (1993)

106 mistakes in season 1

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The Three Muska-Warners - S1-E170

Continuity mistake: When the King of France is frightened by the Viper's arrival at 11:30, the digits on the grandfather clock's face change over to Roman numerals upon closeup.


No Pain, No Painting - S1-E45

Continuity mistake: When the Warners are at Pablo Picasso's home applying for modelling jobs, the front door hinges switch sides on the frame - immediately after Dot plants a few kisses on Picasso's cheek.


Broadcast Nuisance - S1-E192

Continuity mistake: While watching Mr. Dan Anchorman on a control room monitor, Dot's hands jump to a different location as soon as the shot changes. At first she has both hands resting on the control board, then her chin.


The Big Candy Store - S1-E35

Continuity mistake: When Flaxseed looks into a mirror and fixes his hair, he spots the Warners pushing their noses up to the candy store window. The Warners' reflections in the mirror are not reversed as they should be.


The Monkey Song - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Wakko flushes Dr. Scratchansniff down the toilet, the bathroom doorknob changes sides.


Chairman of the Bored - S1-E139

Continuity mistake: At the Celebrity Gala, Marlon Brando and Tom Selleck are seated together at a booth. When Brando is about to eat a cantaloupe, the salmon overturns between shots.


Man: Do you know who I am?
Yakko: Why? Did you forget?

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