Wakko's America - S1-E83

Continuity mistake: During "Jeopardy", Wakko chooses the category 'United States' for $500. The clue appears on the starting board's lower right corner monitor. Next, there's a closeup shot of the clue, but now more monitors have appeared below and to the right between shots.


Plane Pals - S1-E91

Continuity mistake: Yakko plays with the man's mask. In the shot where the man's face is being sucked into the mask, Dot is seen with her mask on. In the next shot, the mask is in her hand and not over her face.

Spellbound - S1-E174

Continuity mistake: On their way through the Enchanted Forest in search of a red dragon's toenail clippings, Pinky and Brain reach a crossing where one sign reads Murky Mountain. In the following shot, that sign incorrectly reads Murry Mountain but soon changes back to Murky again.


Spellbound - S1-E174

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence where Merlin browses through a book of magic tricks, his robe is knotted on opposite sides from one shot to the next (first right, then left).


Critical Condition - S1-E168

Continuity mistake: When Hiskill and Eggbert greet Skippy at the theater entrance and expect to be granted access without tickets, the pair of red doors in the background change their designs in the shot where Slappy says, "Persistent little buggers, ain't they?"


Katie Ka-Boo - S1-E163

Continuity mistake: When Katie's parents disagree with her seeing C.B., Katie multiplies in size and explodes with rage, sending debris all over the parlor floor. C.B. covers his face with both wings, but in the next shot one wing is on the floor at his side.


Can't Buy A Thrill - S1-E199

Continuity mistake: When Gina Embryo tries distracting the bull from Flavio and Marita, it charges toward her. She leaves the matador's red cape behind on the cobblestone road, but a moment later she's holding it again.


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Yakko: How's it going, Scratchy?
Dr. Scratchensniff: I take umbrage at that.
Yakko: Oh, sure! Take all the umbrage. Don't leave any for us.

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