Animaniacs (1993)

2 mistakes in Spellbound

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Spellbound - S1-E174

Continuity mistake: On their way through the Enchanted Forest in search of a red dragon's toenail clippings, Pinky and Brain reach a crossing where one sign reads Murky Mountain. In the following shot, that sign incorrectly reads Murry Mountain but soon changes back to Murky again.


Spellbound - S1-E174

Continuity mistake: In the opening sequence where Merlin browses through a book of magic tricks, his robe is knotted on opposite sides from one shot to the next (first right, then left).


Noah's Lark - S1-E144

Buster Bunny/Babs Bunny: Buster and Babs Bunny. No relation.
Noah: Let's hope not. It's a children's show.

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