Animaniacs (1993)

2 mistakes in Plane Pals

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Plane Pals - S1-E91

Continuity mistake: Yakko plays with the man's mask. In the shot where the man's face is being sucked into the mask, Dot is seen with her mask on. In the next shot, the mask is in her hand and not over her face.

Plane Pals - S1-E91

Continuity mistake: When Yakko is disguised as a hillbilly in first class, he makes small talk with Mr. Bloski and smacks him on the back in a friendly manner (nearly out of his seat). Between shots, Mr. Bloski regains his composure and grabs onto the seat's armrest.


Yakko: How's it going, Scratchy?
Dr. Scratchensniff: I take umbrage at that.
Yakko: Oh, sure! Take all the umbrage. Don't leave any for us.

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