Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods (2010)

3 mistakes in season 10

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Fog of War - S10-E14

Factual error: During the funeral towards the end of the episode, both Jamie and Eddie are wearing white shirts with their dress uniforms. In the NYPD, only Lieutenant and above wear white shirts, like the show has portrayed. The color doesn't change for the dress uniform. (00:38:35 - 00:41:14)

Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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Show generally

Question: Why why does Danny always yell, "hey!" When he's is a half a block from the perpetrators which gives the perpetrators 1/2 block head start running from Danny. Why doesn't he wait until he's close to him and he wouldn't have to chase him so far?

Answer: It's a common cop show plot device. If the police on the show always acted in the most logical way (i.e. not alerting a suspect to their presence) the show wouldn't have the opportunity for an exciting foot chase.

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