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Question: Just what is it with them always relying on each other in the police department or the D.A.'s office? They don't trust anyone else?


Answer: It is the lapel pin worn by members of the NYPD Honor Legion.

The lapel pin is on Danny but not Biaz, why? Also, Baker, Sid, Frank &Garrett wear one. Significance? Are they all the same?

But why would the mayor wear one?

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Question: Why why does Danny always yell, "hey!" When he's is a half a block from the perpetrators which gives the perpetrators 1/2 block head start running from Danny. Why doesn't he wait until he's close to him and he wouldn't have to chase him so far?

Answer: It's a common cop show plot device. If the police on the show always acted in the most logical way (i.e. not alerting a suspect to their presence) the show wouldn't have the opportunity for an exciting foot chase.

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Question: What is the green and white striped American looking flag in the commissioner's office?

Answer: It's the New York Police Department flag, created in 1919. The stripes represent the 5 boroughs and the stars the different towns that made up New York (including New York City itself).


What about the other flag that is not the U.S. flag?

Please be more specific. Are you talking about the New York City flag?


It is the Iowa State flag. At least in the episode from 1/22/21.

It wouldn't be the Iowa State flag. Plus the Iowa State flag is blue, white, and red. The flag I think they're talking about is blue, white, and orange.


Answer: NYPD police pin.

Answer: It's a traditional tweed flat cap.

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Question: I am trying to remember the episode that ended with Frank and Jaime fishing on the pier. A police officer says to Frank it's no smoking before he realises he's talking to the commissioner. I didn't get at the time why Frank seems so blase about the law and want to re watch to see if its any clearer to me now but can't remember the season or even what the rest of the episode was about.


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Question: I thought Danny's wife Linda died at the blood mobile unit. Why did they change it to a helicopter accident?

Answer: There was an episode where Linda was mugged at a free mobile clinic ("Under the Gun"), but I don't know of any episode where she was supposedly killed before the helicopter crash. Linda was alive until The End of season 7 and killed off when Amy Carlson decided not to return for season 8. Later, it was suggested Linda's helicopter accident wasn't really an accident and she was murdered. In "Common Enemies", Danny arrests the man responsible for her murder.


Mercy - S2-E1

Question: What pier are Frank and Jamie fishing off? They've done several fishing scenes there I believe.

Answer: In this specific episode "Mercy" S2xE1, the final scene was filmed at Brooklyn's Valentino Pier (also known as the Coffey Street Pier). This area's full name is Louis Valentino Jr Park and Pier. The unusual structure and layout of Valentino Pier make it quite unique (and it's a lovely place to just hang out).

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Answer: They usually fish on the 65th Street pier in Brooklyn.

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Answer: If I'm not mistaken, I believe you're referring to his NYC Police Commissioner pin.


Answer: Maritime.

Baggage - S5-E11

Character mistake: Sergeant Gormley is promoted to Lieutenant in the previous episode. In this episode he is referred to as Sergeant Gormley by Commissioner Reagan and Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore at least twice.

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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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