Blue Bloods
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 1
19 Model Behavior 1
20 All That Glitters 0
21 Cellar Boy 0
22 The Blue Templar 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 Mercy 1
2 Friendly Fire 1
3 Critical Condition 0
4 Innocence 0
5 A Night on the Town 0
6 Black and Blue 0
7 Lonely Hearts Club 0
8 Thanksgiving 0
9 Moonlighting 0
10 Whistle Blower 0
11 The Uniform 1
12 The Job 1
13 Leap of Faith 0
14 Parenthood 0
15 The Life We Chose 0

Baggage - S5-E11

Character mistake: Sergeant Gormley is promoted to Lieutenant in the previous episode. In this episode he is referred to as Sergeant Gormley by Commissioner Reagan and Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore at least twice.

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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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Mercy - S2-E1

Trivia: In episode 2x1 "Mercy" the last scene was filmed at Brooklyn's Valentino Pier (it's also known as Coffey Street Pier). It had been renamed for a Brooklyn firefighter who heroically died in the line of duty, and the area's full name is Louis Valentino Jr Park and Pier. It's an appreciated green area in the middle of a lot of buildings. Bit of trivia to add, Valentino Pier is featured in a short video with Rosie Perez.

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Show generally

Question: Why why does Danny always yell, "hey!" When he's is a half a block from the perpetrators which gives the perpetrators 1/2 block head start running from Danny. Why doesn't he wait until he's close to him and he wouldn't have to chase him so far?

Answer: It's a common cop show plot device. If the police on the show always acted in the most logical way (i.e. not alerting a suspect to their presence) the show wouldn't have the opportunity for an exciting foot chase.

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