Blue Bloods
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 10
11 Careful What You Wish For 0
12 Where the Truth Lies 0
13 Reckless 0
14 Fog of War 1
15 Vested Interests 0
16 The First 100 Days 0
17 The Puzzle Palace 1
18 Hide in Plain Sight 0
19 Family Secrets 0
Season 11
Season 11 generally 0
1 Triumph Over Trauma 0
2 In the Name of the Father 0
3 Atonement 1
4 Redemption 0
5 Spilling Secrets 0
6 The New Normal 0
7 In Too Deep 0
8 More Than Meets the Eye 0
9 For Whom the Bell Tolls 0
10 The Common Good 0

Baggage - S5-E11

Character mistake: Sergeant Gormley is promoted to Lieutenant in the previous episode. In this episode he is referred to as Sergeant Gormley by Commissioner Reagan and Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore at least twice.

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Frank Reagan: I'm the PC. I know everything.

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Answer: It is the lapel pin worn by members of the NYPD Honor Legion.

The lapel pin is on Danny but not Biaz, why? Also, Baker, Sid, Frank &Garrett wear one. Significance? Are they all the same?

But why would the mayor wear one?

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