Gavin & Stacey

Episode Six - S3-E6

Factual error: Dave and Nessa's wedding is meant to be on 13th June and at the end supposedly 6 months later Nessa, Gavin and Stacey are sat on the sea wall in beautiful sunshine in summery clothes when it should be middle of December.

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Suggested correction: Didn't they get married on 6th April, Stacey's dad's 50th birthday?

Episode Four - S2-E4

Factual error: The BBC One channel ident introducing the Six o'clock News is a real one, featuring swimming hippos, but in real life such a comical ident would never be used before a news bulletin.

Episode Two - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: Nessa goes home to Pam's house along with Stacey and Gwen, and in that scene you can see the tattoo on her arm of the Welsh dragon. If you focus enough you can see the dragon only has 3 legs, whereas the Welsh dragon has 4 legs, as does her tattoo usually. Both writer Ruth Jones and director Christine Gernon confirmed this on an outtakes special.


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Trivia: On the episode where Smithy goes AWOL after learning he's to be a father, Gavin, Mick and Bryn go searching for him in the car. They decide to visit the drive-thru where Rudi works to see if she has any idea. Before Rudi comes over to the window, there is a big woman who calls for her. This woman is James Corden's (Smithy's) sister in real life. She's called Ruth, which is also Smithy's sister's name (Rudi is her nickname).


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