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Good Times (1974)


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Nathan Bookman: I'm appalled. I mean, the thought of a Christmas bonus never entered my mind.
Willona Evans: Oh, I'm glad, honey, 'cause it never entered our minds, either.

J.J: Dad, Mr. Garrett wants you to fix his alarm clock. He needs it back by Tuesday night, so he can get up on time to collect his unemployment insurance.

Thelma: Don't worry, daddy. I've got eyes like an eagle.
J.J.: And a face like a beagle.

Michael: Hey, Thelma. You about ready for that kissing booth?
Thelma: Yep, I've got my lips, and my lip gloss, and... Oh, Michael, you didn't tell me how much to sell my kisses for.
J.J.: Thelma, be ready to make change of a dime.
Thelma: You know something, if you were in there, it wouldn't be a kissing booth... it would be a house of horrors, you ugly monster.

J.J.: Around here, we've got something more powerful than Drano. See, all we do is hang a picture of Thelma's face over the drain, and the clog goes away. We call it: Thelmo.
Thelma: Yes, and when it's really clogged, we have to use the snake, so we send J.J. down there personally.

J.J.: Jesus may have your soul, but mama gonna have your behind.

Michael Evans: Don't you know what today is?
J.J. Evans: Yeah, Blue Monday. Followed by Broke Tuesday, followed by Disasters Wednesday. From there the rest of the week go down hill.

Michael: Daddy high blood pressure can cause kidney malfunction.
JJ: In this house a person can get kidney malfunction waiting for Thelma to get outta the bathroom.

James: We are poor, and poor is one of three things people don't want to be. Right next to sick, and dead.

Thelma: Mama might be in a TV commercial.
JJ: Hey! That'd be groovy, bein' the son of a famous movie star, I'd have my own Cadillac to drive down and get my food stamps.

Thelma: J.J where'd you get stamps to mail a letter?
JJ: I don't need no money for stamps! The last six letters I painted em on.

Some White Guy: Somebody's getting mugged on the 14th floor.
JJ: You lucky the mugger was busy, otherwise, you'd a been the muggee.

James Sr: James Junior! Them passing grades you got? You didn't deserve them, they just gave em to you to get rid of ya.

Penny: Is he here?
Michael: Is who here?
Penny: I don't know his name, but he's tall, skinny, and beautiful.
Michael: Hold on now. Tall, and skinny we've got, but beautiful?

James: You know what I'm gonna leave the world when I go, Florida? A tombstone that reads "Here lies James Evans. Back in the hole again."

Larry: Someday, I plan to own my own gas station.
Florida: When is "someday", Larry?
Larry: In about 10 years, ma'am.
J.J.: There won't be no gas left by then.

Florida Evans: And I must give thanks to the good Lord above for giving us such a beautiful Christmas gift: a loving family and warm friends.

Florida: Did you here yourself James, you said "ain't" 3 times in a row.
James: So.
Florida: "Ain't" is not a word.
James: OH yeah... its in the dictionary.
Florida: No "aint" ain't, but isn't is... look it up.
James: I cant.
Florida: Why?
James: "aint" got no dictionary.

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Continuity mistake: Willona's ex-husband had 3 different names: Alvin, Ray, and Roger.

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Trivia: John Amos plays Jimmie Walker's father in the series, even though in real life he's only seven and a half years older than Walker.

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Question: Is Florida a widow?

Answer: Carl did die of lung cancer, that's why she returned to her family.

Answer: Florida's husband, James Evans, Sr., appeared in a total of 61 episodes during Seasons 1-3 of the series. After creative differences with the show's creator, Norman Lear, mainly over the increasingly buffoonish characterization of oldest son, James "J.J." Evans, Jr., actor John Amos did not have his contract renewed. His character was killed off in an automobile accident in his home state of Mississippi while he was securing steady work in the hope of relocating his family there. Florida learned of his death via a phone call at the family's going away party. We don't know if her second husband, Carl, died or just stayed in Arizona, and it's debateable whether someone who remarries is still called a widow.

Michael Albert

Florida did not learn of James' death through a phone call. It was through a telegram sent in the mail that Florida read during the party.

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