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2J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 10
3J.J. Becomes a Man: Part 21
4Crosstown Buses Run All Day, Doodah, Doodah0

Willona, the Fuzz - S5-E6

Other mistake: JJ says that everybody else in the office just has to look at their watch when the boss asks them the time but he has to go outside down the block because he can't afford a watch. Throughout the whole scene, you can see a wristwatch on his right wrist. He even raises his arm where his sleeve moves to his elbow to show it. It looks like a pretty expensive watch too. (00:05:00)

terry s
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James Sr: James Junior! Them passing grades you got? You didn't deserve them, they just gave em to you to get rid of ya.

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Trivia: The character of Michael Evans was named after co-creator Michael Evans. The real Michael Evans was the original Lionel on "The Jeffersons".

terry s
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The Gang: Part 1 - S2-E9

Question: Neck Bone and Sweet Pea are referred to by Florida as their real names, Tyrone and Sylvester. Do we know which name goes to which guy? (I've always wondered this).

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