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3 mistakes in TS-19

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TS-19 - S1-E6

Deliberate mistake: When the time is down to 4 minutes for them to get out, they still take a long longer than 4 minutes but still manage to get out with time to spare.

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TS-19 - S1-E6

Factual error: At CDC headquarters, Dr. Jenner shows Rick and the group an MRI of an infected patient's brain activity as they die and subsequently resurrect. The patient is shot at point-blank range as the barrel of the gun can be seen in the MRI. This is impossible. MRI machines are highly magnetic and the gun would have been ripped from Dr. Jenner's hands with such force that not only would he not have been able to shoot, the MRI machine would have been destroyed.

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TS-19 - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: At the end of the previous episode, the sun was setting but wasn't set fully yet. There was still a decent amount of light left outside as the door to the CDC was opened. At the start of this episode, as they are entering, it's already pitch black outside.

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Question: Spencer wasn't bitten. He died by knifing, but he turned into a walker. I thought you had to be bitten?

Answer: In the season 2 finale we find out that everyone is infected therefore you turn no matter what happens to you (which proves that Dr Jenner was right, we see it happen when Rick stabs Shane).

Answer: It's been established that everyone is infected with the zombie virus, albeit in a dormant state, so that when anyone dies, by whatever means, the virus turns the dead into zombies (walkers). Being bitten or scratched injects live viruses into the system that quickly turns a living person into a zombie, without having to die first.


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