Alice (2009)


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Alice: How did you get in here?
Hatter: I don't know. Ask Charlie.

Jack Chase: Darling, I'm afraid I'm going to have to tie you up.

Hatter: I know a thing or two about liking people, and in time, after much chocolate and cream cake, "like" turns into "what was his name again?"

Hatter: I don't suppose I could get that hug now.

Hatter: You wouldn't have come.
Alice: You're damn right I wouldn't! He almost killed me.
Hatter: Yeah, well he actually shot me.

King of Hearts: And then they fled from the roof on flamingos.

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Trivia: The promo poster has Alice peeking through a rabbit hole. But there are no rabbit holes in the mini series whatsoever, even in the dialogue. Alice falls down to Wonderland by using a looking glass.

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