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The idea behind this work is excellent: To create a Sherlock Holmes film that occurs in the modern era. Its computer-generated imagery is simply magnificent. Sadly, all of this is tied down by a very poor derivation. This Sherlock Holmes is self-contradictory; he is a genius, and at the same time, an idiot. He makes inferences and then correct inferences from said inferences, but fails to understand the consequences of his own actions. Quite frankly, it takes a genius to create a film about a genius. Failing that, the film relies on the stale tactic of introducing a recurring villain to compel the viewer to watch the series. Failing that too, nudity and sex appeal comes into play.


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Question: Which episode contains the line "I'm not insulting you, I'm describing you?" Google searches turn up nothing but the quote itself, and no further information on the episode or the rest of the scene. If anyone knows the line that led up to it, that would be even better.

Captain Defenestrator

Chosen answer: That line of dialogue has never actually been spoken in any of the Sherlock episodes, during seasons 1-4. However, that line is written in someone's fan-fiction story online, where it's said by Sherlock and directed at Anderson.

Super Grover Premium member

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