Third Watch
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Yokas: Forgot how many personal things I tell you. Guess I forgot how much I talk to you. You know? Because you weren't there for me to talk to. I miss you, Bosco.

Sully: You know this thing with Faith, all that stuff her old man said? Nothing's ever one person's fault.
Bosco: You haven't spent enough time around me.

Bosco: You seen Yokas? I've been trying to call her all weekend.
Sully: Maybe she has caller ID.

Bosco: Do you have to embarrass me like that?
Faith: Sorry, I'll go back to letting you do it yourself.
Bosco: Thanks.

Bosco: Nobody thinks I got feelings.
Faith: Bosco. That's not fair. You have feelings, you just have them buried somewhere in a shallow grave in Jersey.

Bosco: Have you forgotten where you've come from? You have, haven't you?
Yokas: You're dangerous out there, Bosco.
Bosco: No, it was an accidental shooting.
Yokas: My old partner would've never missed that shot.
Bosco: My old partner would've never questioned me.

Bosco: You blow chunks in the car, you're cleaning it up, you hear me?
Faith: And they said you aren't compassionate.
Bosco: Who does?

Bosco: Only two things I watch. Sports and animals.
Yokas: Animals?
Bosco: Yeah. Shark shows, elephant babies, lions, tigers, bears.
Yokas: Oh my.
Bosco: What?
Yokas: Nothin'.
Bosco: You don't watch those shows? Best shows on the box.
Yokas: I guess I must be missing out.
Bosco: You are. A lioness with her cubs in the tall grass. No human beings around for miles.
Davis: Except for the 18 guys in the camera truck?
Bosco: You gotta ruin it for me, right?

Bosco: Look, I know you're upset but if we're going to have to rely on me being the level-headed one, we're going to have some serious problems.

Jimmy: Bosco! You working or just modeling the uniform?

Rose Boscorelli: Your precinct sent a very beautiful arrangement.
Bosco: Yeah, they're nice.
Rose Boscorelli: Michael would've loved them.
Bosco: Flowers from the police... He would've got a kick out of that.

Bosco: I'm through justifying myself to you.
Yokas: And I'm through carrying around a three-year old.
Bosco: Right, I'm one of your kids.
Yokas: No, you couldn't be one of my kids. My kids are mature.
Bosco: No, I couldn't be one of your kids because I actually see you.

Aaron Noble: I was doing research, for a book.
Bosco: Oh my gosh. You know what? Please accept our apologies. Sarge! Sarge stop searching the car. He was only doing research for a book.
Cruz: Oh, didn't somebody already write Dumb and Dumber?

Bosco: Let's go roust somebody.

Carlos: You know what I need?
Alex: Lessons in basic social skills?

Bosco: Don't lump me in with them, all right. You and I were friends.
Monroe: That's not the point.
Bosco: We rode together.
Monroe: Nobody understands IAB, all right?
Bosco: I don't give a damn about IAB. What I don't get is how a friend would go to that extent when I almost died that night.

Faith: I'm going to an art opening.
Fred: You never want to go to stuff like that.
Faith: Well, you never want to spend the weekend with your hands on the back of a truck. See, we're growing.

Bosco: It's the first time in 13 years I'm gonna have a new partner.
Yokas: Yeah, but maybe you'll get someone who doesn't talk about their husband and kids all shift.

Jimmy: I can't believe you were hooking up with Boscorelli.
Kim: We weren't "hooking up " What?
Jimmy: You always jumped me the hardest when we had the worst nights.
Kim: That's not true.
Jimmy: Look... I care about you. I just don't want to see anyone take advantage of you, that's all.
Kim: We were talking.
Jimmy: Well then he seriously needs to get his suspension looked at.

Bosco: I'm thinking about quitting and doing something else.
Yokas: Really?
Bosco: You haven't thought about it? After all this?
Yokas: Yeah... so are you?
Bosco: And let that skinny little bearded bastard think he beat me? Hell no. Give me a parachute and a pistol and drop me in there. I'll shoot him in the head myself.

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Continuity mistake: When Faith is at home with Bosco and her kids after arresting Fred, she takes off her heavy police jacket. In the next shot, it's back on and she takes it off again.

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Trivia: The NYPD doesn't actually use the phrase "third watch" to refer to that particular shift. Series creator Edward Berneo had been a police officer in Chicago, and thinking it would make a good title, borrowed the phrase from the Chicago PD.

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