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Reservations Are Required - S1-E15

Corrected entry: When LeBeau goes to get out under the wire, he raises an entire section of the wire on the inner and outer fences to do so. It can be seen that there is a bar on the bottom of the sections that he raises that suggests the sections are totally framed for the purpose.

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Correction: It is framed for the purpose. In another episode, the guys are shown repairing the wire, distracting the guards and testing the mechanism. It's one of their clever little devices for escaping, like the periscopes and the hatch in the tree stump.

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German Bridge Is Falling Down - S1-E7

Corrected entry: In the very beginning, the prisoners are all in formation for a count. Shultz completes the count at 15, reports it, and Klink calls Hogan over to talk. This leaves 14 in formation. Hogan says "Smoke if you have them". Unbeknownst to Klink, the men are in an arrow formation to point the way to the bridge for the bombers. The aerial shot from the planes shows at least 25 lighters lit. Where did the other 11 guys come from? With Hogan, his barracks only had 15 men who would've been in on it.

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Correction: First, it's not true that only the men from Hogan's barracks are in on their operations. It's mentioned in several episodes that they've used other men during their missions. During S1E22 Hogan sends his people out to find a pizza recipe which is hardly the most inconspicuous thing to ask in a POW camp. During S1E27 Hogan asks Kinch if there's a Safe cracker among the prisoners in the camp, so he obviously has no problem recruiting people from outside his barracks. Second, the moment Hogan steps towards Klink, the prisoners break ranks and start to mingle. We simply have to assume that not only Hogan's barracks were ordered to fall out, but other barracks as well, (which would only be logical) even though it happens out of frame. The reason is obvious as well - it's hardly news that the producers of Hogan's Heroes were kept on a pretty tight leash budget-wise. Last but not least, it's true that Schultz counts to 15, but if you count yourself, you will find that not 15 but 19 people are in formation in front of the barracks in the first place. In conclusion, there is a valid mistake right there, but it's not the fact that the arrow consists of more than 15 people.

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The Informer - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In this episode, the German spy Hogan conducts around the Underground tunnels sees things (i.e., steam room, weapon manufacturing line, barber shop, etc.) that are never seen in the series again.

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Correction: It is never made quite clear whether those were really supposed to be a thing or just part of an extremely elaborate plot to throw off the spy. Admittedly, if they were supposed to be part of the plot, the question how Hogan's men managed to set up such a complicated system in the time available would be a mistake in its own right.

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Correction: Some of those things are mentioned again. For example, "the workshop" is mentioned in several other episodes too, e.g. the one where they make a medal for Klink.

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Correction: It is true that first the water stream goes up over Klink's head, but even in the shot of Schultz his hand with the hose is moving down, and in the countershot of Klink it first hits his cap then travels downward.

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The Late Inspector General - S1-E4

Corrected entry: When the Inspector General walks toward Klink's office, he falls into a fake tunnel section. As he goes down, he has his outer coat over his shoulders. When the shot cuts to him in the hole, the coat is missing without having fallen off. After he is out, the coat is returned.

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Correction: Not a mistake. The coat does fall off his shoulders and one of the staff members starts to get it... Watch closely.

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Show generally

Question: Many times Hogan and company manage to actually escape Stalag 13, especially at night. If they can escape so easily, then why doesn't everybody in the whole Stalag do it and head to an American Embassy?

Answer: The core POWs regularly escaped the prison camp but they made it their mission to conduct espionage and commit sabotage in the surrounding German territory. They also collaborated with different underground resistance groups and used a network of secret tunnels to help prisoners from other POW camps to escape, who then relayed vital information back to the Allied forces. Hogan and his men maintained the illusion that Stalag 13 had never had any prisoners escape in order to avoid their covert operations being shut down. Being that the prison camp is set in Germany during WWII, there were no American embassies.

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Hogan has mentioned to different characters that they are actually stationed at Stalag 13 to help allied soldiers and prisoners from other Stalags to escape Germany.

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