Hogan's Heroes

The Big Broadcast - S6-E12

Other mistake: As the camera looks at the now-crashed car, the position and condition it is in is impossible. Though funny, there is no way the car could have jumped up on the porch as shown. The front would have been crushed in, the wood of the porch damaged. The interiors of the doors are impossible given that the car would have been kept in an immaculate condition.

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The Gasoline War - S5-E4

Other mistake: As Schultz goes to stick a pin in the map, he supposedly hits his finger. But if you look closely, he actually stuck it in the map at the very tip of his finger. This is clear because he didn't move the pin at all.

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Hot Money - S3-E9

Other mistake: When Hogan is using the periscope to look at the incoming vehicles, the angle seen is from an elevated position. The view from the periscope should have been straight on, rather than elevated.

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Duel of Honor - S3-E22

Other mistake: Towards the end, the shot of the plane landing is a recycled shot. Even though Klink waved the flashlight, an unidentified person can be seen in the shot waving a signal light in the midst of the field. Klink was by his car.

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The Dropouts - S6-E14

Other mistake: Baker goes to tap the rectangular spot to open the trapdoor, not only does he hit it once rather then twice, but it sticks in the pressed position. A moment later, Hogan hits it, but it stays in the pressed position rather than popping out. The sound of the pressing is played, but the button doesn't move.

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Go Light on the Heavy Water - S1-E9

Other mistake: After the smoke bomb goes off in Klink's office, there is a shot from the outside where the boys get a blanket to catch Klink. If you look at the window of the office behind them, you can see the smoke coming out in an up and down pattern, suggesting the smoke to be coming from a rig controlled by an out-of-sight crew member.

The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Other mistake: After the truck is stopped, Newkirk tosses a dart at the tyre in order to flatten it. Since the tyre hit was the rear tire, there should have been the track from the front tire, but wasn't. Also, a puny, hand-tossed dart couldn't have penetrated the thick construction of a heavy-duty truck tire, let alone flatten it in twenty seconds.

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Trivia: A sinister aspect of an otherwise lightheated comedy, but the fact is that Hogan and his men are war criminals. They engage in combat activities behind enemy lines when not in uniform, and worse, while wearing enemy uniforms. The Germans tried that during the Battle of the Bulge and those arrested were shot.

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Answer: It's a slang term for an isolated jail cell. In wartime, POWs who attempted to escape or otherwise thwart their captors might be punished with solitary confinement, often in a cramped, poorly ventilated, windowless space.

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