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Other mistake: Throughout the show, they always show snow on the ground and ice on the windows. It is almost always freezing weather. They regularly use a periscope viewer that is placed it a 55 gallon drum containing water, yet the water never freezes or shows any kind of icing up.

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The Informer - S1-E1

Other mistake: Klink has on his monocle, as usual. If you look closely, the monocle is a single lens, with no frame. From Episode 2 onward, the monocle has a frame and a gallery. Also, Klink wears it at an angle, not unlike the Penguin in the original Batman series, who also wore a monocle without a frame.

Hold That Tiger - S1-E2

Other mistake: After Shultz herds the prisoners into the barracks, Hogan opens the door and motions to Newkirk in the tank to get going. Problem is, there are no side viewports for Newkirk to see Hogan, and it looks like he motions to the camera. Also, Shultz is at the wrong end of the building to see the tank go into the end of the barracks.

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The Late Inspector General - S1-E4

Other mistake: While the General is in Klink's office making the recommendation for Klink to be commandant of all German POW camps, he mistakenly calls Stalag 13, Camp 13 three different times. Camp 13 was referenced in the black and white pilot episode.

Go Light on the Heavy Water - S1-E9

Other mistake: After the smoke bomb goes off in Klink's office, there is a shot from the outside where the boys get a blanket to catch Klink. If you look at the window of the office behind them, you can see the smoke coming out in an up and down pattern, suggesting the smoke to be coming from a rig controlled by an out-of-sight crew member.

Oil for the Lamps of Hogan - S1-E14

Other mistake: Anytime Hogan steals one of Klink's cigars from the back of the humidor, he takes the hinge pin out from the left of the box (camera's right). This time, he takes out the pin, got the cigar, and put the pin back in from just what looked like just left (camera's right) of center.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Other mistake: The wooden steps in front of the office look to be one plank measuring 3" by 18", but in the collapse under Klink, they appear to be two pieces. Also, Le Beau sawed through the middle support, but neither Schultz or Klink step on it.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Other mistake: The truck was stashed behind Hogan's barracks. The Kommandant's office was on the other side of the building. While stealing the boxes of gold, there would be no way that the POWs would have been able to see any approaching figure.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Other mistake: After the truck is stopped, Newkirk tosses a dart at the tyre in order to flatten it. Since the tyre hit was the rear tire, there should have been the track from the front tire, but wasn't. Also, a puny, hand-tossed dart couldn't have penetrated the thick construction of a heavy-duty truck tire, let alone flatten it in twenty seconds.

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The Gold Rush - S1-E18

Other mistake: When stopping the truck and Schultz, the area directly behind Carter and LeBeau can be seen to be a matte painting. The reason is because where they are is completely covered in snow, but the open area is very little, and there is a huge snowdrift piled up at the wall.

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I Look Better in Basic Black - S1-E28

Other mistake: When Hogan asked the girls if they wanted to try to escape to England, the one in "basic black" said that anything is better than being booked in a German prison camp for three years. How did she know when the war would be over?

Request Permission to Escape - S1-E32

Other mistake: Carter is washing things in front of the barracks. There is snow on the ground and on the windowsills and they are wearing winter jackets but the cold weather doesn't bother him putting his hands in the water over and over. He even gets splashed in the face but it doesn't faze him.

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Operation Briefcase - S2-E4

Other mistake: When the General arrives at Camp 13 and is greeted by Klink, he notices Hogan and ask Klink who he is. Klink only says he's the Senior POW, the General sends his Aide to get Hogan. The Aide addresses Hogan by name, but Klink never said Hogan's name. (00:07:40)


Don't Forget to Write - S2-E13

Other mistake: When the recruiting officer is talking to Klink, Hogan and company listen in, as usual. The problem is the coffee pot. Any other time, they take off the top, take out the basket (which is the speaker) and plug in the power: this time, they forgot to remove the top to hear it, which would have muffled the sound. But the conversation was heard just the same.

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Trivia: During WW2 Robert Clary, who played Louis LeBeau, had been imprisoned at Drancy internment camp in France, and at Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp where he was tattooed with the number "A5714." He was the youngest of 14 children. Twelve members of his immediate family were sent to Auschwitz, and perished.

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Question: Many times Hogan and company manage to actually escape Stalag 13, especially at night. If they can escape so easily, then why doesn't everybody in the whole Stalag do it and head to an American Embassy?

Answer: The core POWs regularly escaped the prison camp but they made it their mission to conduct espionage and commit sabotage in the surrounding German territory. They also collaborated with different underground resistance groups and used a network of secret tunnels to help prisoners from other POW camps to escape, who then relayed vital information back to the Allied forces. Hogan and his men maintained the illusion that Stalag 13 had never had any prisoners escape in order to avoid their covert operations being shut down. Being that the prison camp is set in Germany during WWII, there were no American embassies.

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Hogan has mentioned to different characters that they are actually stationed at Stalag 13 to help allied soldiers and prisoners from other Stalags to escape Germany.

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